20 More Questions that will prepare your Business for the Future

Last week we started discussing the questions that everyone in your organization needs to answer honestly to properly start an effective internal audit and prepare your company for the future. To continue, below are 20 more questions that must be answered thoroughly to get a real picture of how your company is doing today and how things look for tomorrow.


Thinking about your company’s Continuous Improvement – Do you have an ongoing Continuous Improvement or Lean Process program? Have you recently or will you in the near future look at process improvements? (Answer for both office and shop floor)


About your company’s Technology – Is your company utilizing technology to its full advantage? Do you or others keep up to date on the kind of technology utilized in your business? Can technology help you be a better supplier to your customers?


About your company’s Ease –Is it easy to do business with your unit or company? How would you describe the ease from the customer side? What about from the supplier side? How much “red tape” or duplication is required in the business? Are surveys used to collect this information?


About your company’s Excitement – Is there a sense of excitement in your business?


About your company’s Strengths – What are the three main strengths of your unit or business? Why are they strengths? What do they do for your organization? (Really build on these)


About your company’s Threats – What are the three main threats to your business or your unit? Why are they threats? How could or do they damage you?


About your company’s Competition – How is your company viewed by your competition?


And about your company’s Focus – Who does your company primarily focus on- shareholders, employees, or customers? Is the focus where it needs to be?


Once you have gathered responses from everyone in your organization, discuss them, tear them apart, and allow for open and honest input. But most of all, don’t just put the results in a file somewhere, use it to develop a strategic plan.


Personnel Profiles of Columbus is available to help organizations Connect the Value of People to Your Business Strategy. We will assist you in developing and utilizing an Audit Plan that can be used to prepare your company and your people for the future. Contact us for more details and to get started preparing for tomorrow.

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