Why you will want to work with us.

Personnel Profiles, Inc. is NOT just another company selling assessments; we are partners in your business. We strongly believe that mutual accountability leads to mutual benefit, and that collaboration is the best way to achieve the greatest results.

Our motive takes root in genuinely caring; caring about people, caring about purpose, and caring about the quality of what we do with the bigger picture in mind. We commit ourselves to acting in the best interest of our clients. We believe that TRUST is established through our actions. And lastly, we build long-standing relationships with our clients through our consistent behaviors… Learning how to interact with our clients in ways that increase TRUST.

Our Mission is really quite simple: Connecting The Value Of People To Your Business Strategy.

We seek to sustain the growth and profitability of our clients’ business by working diligently with leadership to make wise investments in their Human Capital.




Becky graduated from Miami University in Oxford, OH with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Her business career began at the US Air Force Academy Services Marketing Department where she gained knowledge in graphic design, marketing principles and strategy and public speaking. She then moved to San Antonio, TX where she married the love of her life, and began working in the Human Resources department of Harcourt assessment, an educational testing company. There, Becky gained knowledge and understanding of employee relations, and was a key member of the recruiting team, responsible for sourcing candidates, assessing, and making great hires.

After this experience, Becky’s career took a sharp turn down a different path as she realized she had a passion for health care and caring for the sick and injured. She went back to school, became a registered nurse and has now cared for adult patients in a hospital setting for the past 10 years. As a nurse, her critical thinking skills, communication skills, ability to be a part of a team and to lead when necessary have all been sharpened.

We welcome Becky to our Team at Personnel Profiles! She has gained tremendous insight about people through each of her job experiences, and hopes to leverage the knowledge she has gained to assist Personnel Profiles’ clients to better select and invest in hiring and growing their people.



Fred Crum founded the Central Ohio office of Personnel Profiles, Inc. in 1996. Prior to opening the Columbus office, Fred had over 25 years of experience in Operations Management and Human Resources, most of which was spent at the District, Regional and Corporate levels of a Fortune 100’s, “Most Admired” UPS. As a Regional Director of Human Resources, Fred’s department was responsible in providing HR services to some 22,000 employees in the areas of Employment, Compliance, Health & Safety, Employee Relations, Benefit Administration and Training and Development.

As the owner of Personnel Profiles, Inc. for 18 years, Fred has dedicated himself to working with leadership at organizations, both public and private, to deliver solutions that yield a high return on investments in their “Human Capital”.

“We are committed to the principle that marketplace success is driven by how wisely our client companies “INVEST” in their People. …Competitive advantage is gained and sustained through engaged employees…. held accountable to perform to their potential.”Fred Crum



Roger has spent his entire 49 year career working with and growing people on all levels. He spent 15 years of his career as a coach and athletic director at the collegiate level. He then moved to Worthington Industries where he had an illustrious career, spending 30 years climbing the ranks as the Operations Manager (Glass and Plastics Division), Director of Corporate Training and Development, Director of Corporate Safety and Health, and National Sales Manager for ACT, a Worthington Company.

He later became the Training and Development Manager for MPW for an additional five years, before putting his nearly 50 years of inside knowledge and experience to work as a partner in Personnel Profiles, Inc.

“I believe that people (the right people) are the one and only sustainable asset that any organization has. It is about hiring the right person, developing that individual and then using great management methods to engage employees and profitably grow the business.”Roger Campbell