4 Steps to Improved Employee Engagement

Fleetwood Mac and sound business advice might seem like an odd pairing, but you never know where inspiration may come from. In their classic song Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow we are reminded “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow, don’t stop, it‘ll soon be here. It’ll be better than before, yesterday is gone, yesterday is gone.”


And it’s those ‘yesterdays’ that are such a tricky thing to get past.


My work often brings me into contact with leaders of organizations stuck in the status quo of yesterday. They all want a greater tomorrow, but they are not sure how to make that happen.


Below are a few steps that you can take to help ensure that tomorrow will be better for your employees, your company, and your customers.


Set the tone with your attitude– What is your attitude? Founder of Wendy’s Dave Thomas noted that “success starts inside. Unless your own attitude and beliefs are right, you can never be a success in the world around you.”


So do you have the right attitude to lead your team into tomorrow? Are you a positive individual? Do you believe that it’s important to treat customers, employees, and suppliers with respect and dignity? Do you believe that employees are real assets in the business? Your attitude is visible to everyone every day, and it will always set the tone for the environment. Take a look in the mirror and decide if you already posses what you want your employees to emulate going forward.


Have the Generosity gene – According to Jack Welch, the generosity gene is “an in the bones personality – a deep craving to help other people improve, grow, thrive, and succeed.” This begs the question: are you promoting strong onboarding of new employees that encourages their learning and development?


Training and development is important for two reasons- 1. It improves skills, and 2. It makes employees feel like they are important. Good leaders help employees feel valued. Employees must be encouraged to participate in their performance development- it gives them skin in the game. So do your employees know and understand their role; why they get paid? Does your company make it clear to all what the Vision/Mission of the organization is (and actually stay consistent in this while growing your people)?


If employees really believe your company’s story and statement, because they see its real-world effects every single day on the job, it helps make their job relevant and fosters belief in the organization.


Create Pride in the Company – Employees want to work for a reputable firm that helps make a difference in their community. Make sure you encourage involvement in community activities, both on the personal and corporate level. Remember, companies are only guests in the community, and if you want to see more tomorrows you’ll have to make an effort to contribute.


Care about Employees- This is one of the most important keys to having engaged employees, because how can you expect them to care about your business unless you care about them?  Get out in their areas, welcome them, check in with them, help them celebrate, and truly stand with them to help them through tough times.  This can’t ever be totally accomplished by words and policy; ultimately you have to prove your loyalty to them before you get it in return.


Though you must always take lessons from the past, we all need to stop living in yesterday to start moving into a better tomorrow. Contact us at Personnel Profiles, Inc. of Columbus for more ideas on how to make your work place exciting, productive, and profitable long past today.


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