Execution Part II

Front Line Management: The Key to Execution

So much attention is focused on bringing in the right individual people for the job, but not enough is placed on making sure that the right front-line managers are keeping those employees accountable once they’ve been brought on. Last week we talked about what to ask yourself when recruiting and hiring an ideal front-line manager, this week it’s all about what to consider to make them the best once they’re a part of your company.



  • Is your culture defined by its commitment to growing talent?
  • Do you invest time in on-boarding and training each new hire? Including the technical skills and the performance skills. (The key behaviors linked to successful job performance)
  • Does your training and development plan link key behaviors to successful on-job performance? And how is that training delivered?
  • Does your leadership spend time working with and training your front-line management while on the job?



  • Does leadership invest in building a positive relationship with front-line management? Remember, relationships determine results.
  • Is leadership in your company viewed more as an evaluator/grader or more as a coach and mentor?
  • Have you identified your top performers, and what is your strategy to recognize and keep them?

We are confident that if leadership would commit its time, energy, resources, and wisdom to answering these questions on behalf of its front-line management, then your business strategy would be properly executed.  And we can guarantee that performance in productivity, service, quality, cost reduction, and sustained profitability would also be achieved


But these questions may be tough for you to fully flesh out on your own, luckily we’re experts and we’re here to help. So let’s explore the answers to these and other questions together. We can help you deliver the real results your business demands.


Fred Crum has more than 40 years of experience in the operations management and Human Resources fields, with 25 years at a Fortune 100 company. Connect with Fred on LinkedIn and follow PPI Columbus on Twitter for weekly news, trends, and insider insight.