One of the core principles of who we are at PPI Columbus (Personnel Profiles of Columbus) revolves around the concept that “Marketplace success is driven by how well you invest in your Human Capital.

Your competition can replicate your processes, your products and services; they can even acquire similar equipment or technology, and can acquire new business. But when it’s all said and done, the true competitive advantage (a highly engaged workforce) is gained when you invest wisely in your people. It has long been proven through Gallup’s research that improvements in productivity, service, quality, cost reduction and profitability are linked to the engagement of your people. Employee engagement and Execution are directly linked… And, “The key to improved employee engagement, and ultimately excellent EXECUTION, is rooted in the talent and quality of your front line management”

A few weeks ago we talked about accountability as a blueprint for improved employee engagement. But how can we expect our employees to be accountable to their front line managers if we don’t bring in the right people? If you want to be able to hold your employees accountable, then it makes sense to have the right person in that front line management role, right?

Without any doubt, we are of the opinion that the best Human Capital investment you can make is in recruiting, hiring, developing and retaining top talent at your front line. Whether you’re a leader in a Fortune 500 company or a small to mid-size business, it’s imperative that you have a plan.

In this week’s article we’re going to be focusing on recruiting and hiring (be sure come back next week when we look at the development and retention of your front line managers). What follows are simple questions to help you evaluate how your company invests in your front line management:


Recruiting your Front Line Manager (Internally & Externally)

  1. Have you invested the time in developing a recruiting plan and then executing that plan? Who owns the responsibility to recruit talent on an ongoing basis? But more importantly, do you know where to find top talent?
  2. What is your “Employer Brand”—why does top talent want to work for you? What makes your company desirable and how are you actively marketing its value?
  3. Have you identified the top talent currently working at your company – and what’s your plan to prepare them for more responsibility?


Hiring your Front Line Manager

  1. Have you clearly defined the front line manager’s position in the job description? Do all those involved in the selection and training of your new hire understand it?
  2. Have you consulted with appropriate stakeholders in the hiring decision to define the key behaviors that drive performance? Are these behaviors incorporated into your interviewing process?
  3. Do you assess top candidates to determine if they match the requirements of the job and your culture?

Carefully consider the responses to these questions. Taking the time to work through these questions can help you recruit and hire the right front line manager(s) consistently. Better yet, let’s explore the answers to these questions together, and help deliver the results your business delivers.

Join us next week as we explore the development and retention of front line managers; follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for weekly updates and business insights.


Fred Crum has more than 40 years of experience in the operations management and Human Resources fields, with 25 years at a Fortune 100 company. Connect with Fred on LinkedIn and follow PPI Columbus on Twitter for weekly news, trends, and insider insight.

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