Personnel Profiles Of Columbus Works With Ohio School Board Association To Achieve Their Mission Of Educational Excellence

Personnel Profiles of Columbus (PPI) has joined with the Ohio School Board Association (OSBA) in their efforts to lead the way to educational excellence. After a very successful pilot program, OSBA has acquired exclusive rights from Personnel Profiles to use their Achiever Assessment in all Ohio K-12 public school employment searches for three years. It is OSBA’s hope to expand their search capabilities in using the Achiever for leadership positions in Ohio school districts, including school principals, teachers and other district personnel. Kathy LaSota, Director of School Board Services, and her staff launched the initial campaign in 2014, adding PPI’s Achiever Assessment to aid in the recruitment and hiring of superintendents and treasurers.


Prior to launching the pilot, PPI conducted a work force study by testing successful superintendents and treasurers. The results of the study enabled PPI to build customized benchmarks, representing successful on-job performance, across each of the six mental aptitudes and ten personality dimensions that the Achiever measures. As a result, OSBA and each respective school board using their search services can compare a final search candidate’s results against those performance benchmarks to assist them in the final hiring decision.


In addition to the benchmarks, the Achiever report also provided behavioral interviewing questions customized for each candidate to assist LaSota’s staff and the school boards. LaSota noted that it greatly amplified their ability to find the right candidate.

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