We partner with our client companies in offering the solutions that meet their needs and grow their business. Personnel Profiles, Inc. has a proven track record of attracting, hiring, developing and retaining the right people through our unique Assessments, Employment Center and Coaching Services.

We help you win the War for Talent.


Whether your candidate has the right values and behaviors for the job and culture of your company is not always best determined from traditional interviewing methods. We have developed our assessments to better enable the decision maker to have more objective and reliable information from which to make a better hiring decision.

Our assessment tools are reliable predictors of both the mental and behavioral skills required to help you chose the right people to hire, and for helping you coach and develop current employees to improve overall job performance.

With customizable benchmarks that model successful on job performance your decision to hire the right person is ensured!


The hiring process can be very costly. With the need to pre-screen, schedule, and conduct interviews, countless hours are wasted.

Some of these “repetitive tasks” that take up valuable time in your day can be more efficiently managed with the use of our online Employment Center.

Unlike traditional web sites, which gathers resumes and/or contact information, our Employment Center can be customized to ask questions that prescreen/prequalify your candidate pool for each open job open by location, saving you time and money.


WE are dedicated to working with your leadership team to strengthen your organization through your people.

Whether it’s from the bottom up, through improved selection and retention, or from the top down, by working in partnership with your leadership team – we will link your people to your strategy and Performance.

“With an attitude inspired by the will to do right, Personnel Profiles, Inc. wants to be considered worthy of your trust and confidence; in helping you invest smartly in your people”. Fred Crum