“We use the assessments to help our employees in their development and career choices”
Brent Shadix Executive Vice President of Human Resources, WIKA Instrument, LP

Since the decisions you make about your people have such a far reaching impact on the sustainability and success of your business:

  • What information do you have or use when making an investment decision to hire a prospective employee?
  • What information do you have available to improve on your ability to match the right person with the job you have available?
  • How do you determine the training priorities and forecast the investment required for the training budget to deliver performance based training?
  • How do you better coach your employees to improve their performance?
    How do you identify management personnel that need to improve in their behavioral skills?

Our assessment tests provide you with detailed and reliable information from which you can make better more informed investment decisions. It compares your employment candidates or your current employees to the customized benchmarks developed by Personnel Profiles, Inc. representing successful on job performance in each job measured. The results that you can expect:

  • Improved Selection
  • Improved Employee Retention
  • Improved Employee Engagement
  • Improved Effectiveness in Training.