Personnel Profiles, Inc. will work with your representative to customize the design of the Web-Based Employment Center that addresses your needs. Design features and benefits are:

  • The Employment Center allows administration from multiple locations, with simplified candidate tracking, and a comprehensive e-mail function to effectively communicate and schedule follow-up interviews with each qualified candidate. The time spent playing phone tag is eliminated!
  • Candidates will be able to access your employment center and your job opportunities 24/7 increasing the pool of candidates from which to select.
  • Candidates complete specifically developed pre-screening questions to determine if they meet your minimum job requirements; improving the qualified applicant pool. The system will rank them based on their responses to these questions.
  • Candidates that meet your pre-screening criteria would be allowed to complete an application online and submit their resume if you desire.
  • The system could be further designed to enable your candidates to electronically complete a pre-employment assessment test and any other forms required, such as reference checks, background checks etc.
  • The Employment Center has also been proven to bring consistency to the job screening process, to protect a company from human error made by commission or omission during the screening phase of the hiring process.
  • Lastly, our clients have found that the use of the Employment Center has dramatically lowered costs of recruiting, enhanced the quality of the applicants, reduced turnover and increased productivity.